Be confident

One of the questions I get the most often is “Why do you think people fail in online marketing”.

Its a great question and my answer is really from experience, not only building my own companies but also consulting and working with a bunch of others.

The easy quick answer for me is confidence.  Most people lack the confidence in themselves to get started…. and even when they find success they do not have the confidence in themselves to continue to do better because they do not believe they deserve it.

When you have your own product and sell it to people, one of your biggest challenges is to get people to actually use it.

I know that sounds a little crazy, right?   But come on, be honest now – how many things have you bought that you never used?

The problem is that when people have a bad experience or feel ripped off by your products then you have most likely lost them forever.

For example: many people told us that giving out the handbook and DVD’s was a waste of time and that it would make no difference if people purchased or not.  And, honestly, I believe they are correct.  I would have made a lot more money without creating and full filling all of the extra materials that I know gives my students a much better chance at success.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself why I am not linking to these products and trying to make sales…. after all its what I do for a living.  Well the answer is simple.  I want you to not get distracted and stop reading.  I want you to pay attention.

At the beginning of this article I talked about confidence and how one achieves confidence.  For me when I got my first AdSense Check for 11k I had no confidence that I deserved to make that kind of money per month or that it would continue. So I had my wife take a picture because I thought when I failed I could write a book on how I was this AdSense Expert or something…  But as it continued and I continued to make more and more money online I gained more and more confidence in myself.

Its to the point now where it’s pretty much an entitlement mentality.  It’s not even confidence.  I know I am entitled to do great things on the internet.  I truly believe it.  But it all started with a little bit of success.

So remember, all you need to do now is to be more confident, that’s all.

Video Squeeze Page Case Study

I saw in the Google Analytics reports that some of you lend on my site while searching for case studies related to video squeeze page. I’m happy to see this but I have also decided to write an entire post about this.

I want to share with you the case study I love to carry out when I create every new page. It can be used at any kind of squeeze pages so I encourage you to read an entire article, even if you don’t create any squeeze page.

For some of you who don’t know what case study is I can say that it is a “data collection method that involves in-depth studies of specific cases or projects within a program“. This is one of the dozens definitions you can find at the Internet but I think I can add, that every case study is different. You will see this in the future;)

Ok, so let’s follow it step by step.

First, the appearance. When you have your video squeeze page and you don’t know how you should improve the appearance, try to find the other video squeeze pages and compare them with your own. Write all the things you liked and try to implement it on your site. Of course to look professional they should be customized.

Second, the functionality. When you create a new website you should put the effort to make it functional. At the beginning, the best you can do is to make it intuitive for the new visitor. But when you create a video squeeze page your problem is different. You shouldn’t create complex menu or put there many links. Your purpose is to gain names and email addresses so make the website simple. The headline, the video and the subscription form will suffice.

Moreover, you have to deal with SEO. At the beginning choose one of the keywords or key phrases. Make sure your domain, headline and description contain the keywords – it’s important for the search engines. When you gain the first page you can add another keywords and still positioning your site.

I do this case study every time when I create or improve my websites and every time it pays my attention on different aspects which need to be corrected. I have now the list of the most important features I always check before I run new website. I encourage you to do the same – it will help you achieve the high position in searches and make your video squeeze page eye-catching.

What You Should Apply When You Make your Video

Some time ago I was watching the videos Maria Andros has released in her new lunch – Video Conversion Formula. Her videos have plenty of great valuable tips and I want to summarize it for you below.

Read the entire entry to find five great steps you should consider while making your videos.

First thing you should take care of is to provoke the curiosity. Maria recommends us to use music as a background sound to make the video memorable and I can’t disagree with her. I prefer some shooting music than the sound of car horns. To make your video outstanding, you can also record it outdoor. Find the crazy place to achieve better engagement.

Another thing is the credibility. Did you help people in the past? If not, try to do this first to start building the credibility in their eyes. You can also tell your personal story to build some kind of relationship with your readers.

Ok, so you done all these things but you still don’t know what it gives you? To answer the question walk in the customers shoes and ask the same question. Offer a solution for your customers’ problem and they will be convinced to subscribe.

Now you can describe the problem in more details. Show that you understand how this particular problem impacts their lives and talk about it, express your own opinion. Talk about it as a friend, not as a vendor.

Then create a few steps to encourage and educate your audience. They learn new things and will want to know more, what they can gain through subscribing for the newsletter.

Of course this is just a piece of the information contained in Maria Andros videos. I wanted to show it to you because you can apply it to any of your internet marketing strategy, not just to video squeeze page.

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